Franklin Bruno
Three Poems from Adequated


Psych.: A disorder characterized
by systematic delusions or,
less commonly, by some deviant
ideation unaccompanied
by imagery, as in the current
instance. A devilish clever way
to lose three husbands: two nails halfway
up a staircase, a mandolin string
stretched between them. Owls are the new deer.

Sensorium as Aperture

percept is decision tree, window
treatments form street-level palindrome,
a scatter effect too hot to hack
away at, upward rush of tiling,
netting, gripped in light that chose today
to present as particle, angling
to be annealed to a baffled noon,
unwrapping its own frugal sandwich
under another's observation

It's Your Cathedral

Fighting hand to hand and house to house,
slicing stairwells, firing on forces
below. Linebreaks are checkpoints, our work
is our wealth, the sheltering breast of
police at their best. Mouchette's final
shot, a few feet of film run backwards
and forwards, a ripple endlessly
spreading, contracting. These barricades,
never intended as domiciles.

Franklin Bruno is a writer and musician based in Jackson Heights. His first poetry collection is The Accordion Repertoire (Edge, 2012). Other recent publications include Brooklyn Rail, Critical Quarterly, and West Wind Review; a critical essay on Kenward Elmslie is forthcoming in Paideuma. He is currently completing a book on bridges in popular music for Wesleyan University Press.