Jeremy Hoevenaar
Two Poems

Valley Tangent

if about draws an island
then why from being
a lateral grazing
in terms of debris
guests from pure number
warble a bracket
of slide or description
to redeem the miles
experience can think
meandering fringe
in pooling punches
rare and iffy
vision how it is

Proud Stepper

keep it entry
by other to word
literal surrounds
to lap up intuition
bearer standard
for here's a hand
flooding a head
proffers the odd reduction
aimless animal
dead animal

Jeremy Hoevenaar is the author of Cold Mountain Mirror Displacement (American Books, 2013) and Adaptations of Pelt and Hoof (H_NGM_N, 2012). Recent work can also be found in the publications Poems by Sunday and 1913: A Journal of Forms.