a Perimeter 4

Judah Levenson

blank spaces

balance is an option
not knowing where the notch ends
the night they sat in the night's
open sky's endless hull

the same path continues to send
light on entitled yes

yes the main
the dizzy landing
the burst forth
the spatial texture
the ghosts involved
the search for sensation
the shame of arousal

so many nights are alone
inside of their sleeves
eating wax and
stroking their wings
nipped by the book

a figure stays in the distance
a skate breaks the sound
inside the mouth still
the falling march
the tense parade of adults
just above the water table

a jagged spiral edge
wide the eye beams
beacons of orange c'mon

Judah Levenson's work shifts between poetry, dance, and performance art. He lives in Brooklyn. Check him out at judahlevenson.com