a Perimeter 3

Roberto Tejada

Two Poems


Venus a Polygon

Occasion for us criminals all day the statute of limitation

Venus a polygon in the cloud-form battalion

Every pixilated scale of your skin in aerospace it radiates they swallow

As for the legislators who make barbarous and refute

They listless in measure to a person they requiem

Six times a map whether warfare was whether hygiene

They adumbrate and so betray as when the defendant

With blindfold off the squadron history and into the dirty hole


Liquid M

From a radio haze of association there emerges

An assembly—teeming number of persons to a person

Always seeking to enhance with cruel insight

An attitude or viewpoint that submits I am

Nothing—a cloudburst of arms and digitation.

The assembly pointed its rotary ligaments as though

With flashing arrows to say look at the repellent

Little stain incriminating the deviant boy with my

Features and in possession of all my belongings.

I'd arrived from his displacements or he from mine

In a lament not of sorrow but of bitter obligation

To whatever it was the stain betrayed. But you

Promised I was able to discern from an audience

Each face suddenly half-obscured by this lectern

Serving as my foreign shell. Each so noted a form

Of agreement as to make demands and be anxious

For the former boy to proceed with my thesis. I did

I might have said of the tiny humanoid specimen

In place of the many pages I was meant to recite.

The biotic gel was a living system dilated thus

Into a nascent organ shape still attached to its source

Although aching for another measurement of life.

The assembly still waiting. What else but to remove

The thin protective overlays each one held together

As if by some internal gravity commanding all

The approbation of the resin heads in attendance.

Chattering swelled at the expense of the magnetic

Syllables in my lecture for which the boy returned

To provide radiant confirmation of an antithesis

One that made intelligible a world as it appeared

When temperatures from the rain day evaporations

Oozed as from the starting point. This was a problem.

There appeared a physical but weirdly porous

Boundary between inside and out as this juncture

Between an ability for speed to excite my behavior

And a belated quality of attention that recalled

A wild pageantry of pinpoints in dimming glow

Flimsy laws that narrowly commanded me to move

Forward with the sum total I collapse of liquid M.

Actualities of day made implausible other migrant

Episodes all conspicuous as matter out of place.

Boy and assembly disassociated from conditions

Wherein to themetize society in a synthesis about

The stranger even formerly excluded from our crowd

Was to incite the boy's impersonation of the unfamiliar.

He palpitates for an increase in affability and euphoria.

I anatomize for a burlesque of bloodstream combustion.

He gives good entrance in increments and transit losses.

In him there is deficient what I solarize from very near

In whose total composition every moment obtains.

At last he assembles with a series of modular parts

So many ingots and quarters for our present chances

That I ulcerate I discharge I dissent and make soluble.

Roberto Tejada is author of the poetry collections Full Foreground (Arizona, 2012), Exposition Park (Wesleyan, 2010), and Mirrors for Gold (Krupskaya, 2006). Other publications include National Camera: Photography and Mexico's Image Environment (Minnesota, 2009), A Ver: Celia Alvarez Muñoz (Minnesota, 2009), essays in books on photographers Graciela Iturbide and Miguel Rio Branco, and critical writings on contemporary U.S. and Latino American artists in Afterimage, Aperture, Bomb, The Brooklyn Rail, SF Camerawork, and Third Text. In Mexico this year, a volume of his selected poems will appear as Todo en el ahora (Libros Magenta, 2015) with translations into Spanish by Mexican poets Alfonso D'Aquino and Gabriel Bernal Granados, and Cuban poet Omar Pérez.